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Folsom's Honey

Buckin' Rich Bundle

Buckin' Rich Bundle

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Folsom's Buckin' Rich Bundle includes 3 bottles of Ted DiBiase's Million Dollar Honey.

Ted DiBiase's Million Dollar Honey:
A lifelong honey connoisseur, Ted DiBiase has always had exquisite taste when it comes to honey.  Years of searching for the perfect blend had turned up nothing but disappointment, that is until he was introduced to the team of Veterans at Folsom’s Honey.  Folsom’s expert team searched far and wide to find a honey that would be suitable for someone of Ted’s elite financial status.  Armed with a desire to bottle the best honey that money can buy, he decided to call his liquid gold, Million Dollar Honey. As for the bees, it was only natural that Million Dollar Honey would have to come from Money Bees.

The future may look bright gold for Ted DiBiase’s Million Dollar Honey, but remember…
Every bottle’s got a price!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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All of Folsom's Honey products are 100% gluten free.


All of Folsom's Honey products are dairy free.


All of Folsom's Honey products are nut free.